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There are two modes of sketching: single view and double view. Single view is useful for drawing planar curves; double view is useful for defining a non-planar curve from two viewpoints.

Single View#

Sketch like you would on a piece of paper. Plasmo dynamically fits a curve based on your drawing, so that you can sketch multiple strokes to refine the curve.

When you are done, use the stylus to tap a blank space on the screen to confirm the curve. Plasmo will fit a 3D curve based on your sketch.

By default, your sketch is projected onto a plane (with grids) in the view. If the endpoints of the sketch is close to any other curves, the resulting curve is snapped on to the neighboring curves.

Double View#

After you sketch the first curve, if you rotate the view instead of tapping to confirm, you will enter the double view sketching mode.

In this mode, a gray surface is created by sweeping the first curve, along the perspective rays of the first view.

Then draw the second curve the same way as the first curve. The second curve is projected onto this surface to form a 3D curve.

If you want to keep the first curve, tap anywhere outside of the gray surface to confirm the first curve.


When the first and second view are almost aligned, the resulting curve might be invalid.

When the first curve overlaps itself in the second view, the resulting curve might be invalid.